Would You Drive At 130mph Whilst Double The Drink Drive Limit With Your Family In Your Car? This Idiot Did!

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With most decent folk, the safety of their family is their utmost priority. 

But the driver of a white Mercedes clearly did not get the memo about how you should behave when you have got a family to look after. 

When a Sussex Roads Policing unit officer got behind the vehicle on the A23 yesterday morning, he clocked the car hurtling along the road at 130 mph. 

The officer indicated for the vehicle to stop, so it pulled into a petrol station. 

Apart from driving at nearly double the speed limit, the driver also was nearly twice the drink-drive limit.

The intoxicated driver also had his family in the car, which made matters worse. 

Responding to PC McArthur’s tweet about the incident, one Twitter user said:

‘Absolutely ridiculous, but his family should have stopped him. They must have known he’d been drinking. Throw the book, and hope for a long ban.’

Another added: ‘Thank goodness you got him.’

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