Why did The Police seize this Ambulance?

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If you were driving through Crawley on Sunday 4th April at around 18:00 hours and you saw an ambulance being seized by the police, then you might have wondered what the heck was going on.

You probably wondered why the police pulled the ambulance over, and you were probably even more confused when you saw the driver of the ambulance being given a roadside breath test.

However, this was not a commissioned ambulance, and it was not being driven by any life-saving medics.

The ambulance was actually a decommissioned one that had been sold to a ‘collector’ of such vehicles.

After it transpired that the owner/driver did not have the correct licence for the vehicle, it was seized by the police.

It also turned out that the driver must have had a drink-or-two in the run-up to driving the ambulance, as they blew just under the legal drink-drive limit (see below).

So if you did drive through Crawley on Sunday and you saw the ambulance being pulled over by the police, at least you now know what went down and why!

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