WATCH | Youth Worker Hands In Three ‘Zombie Knives’ To Police Officers

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LONDON – Sadly, rarely does a week go by without the tragic news of a teenager being seriously injured or killed due to knife crime. 

But some people have started to help turn the tide against the wave of violence that has plagued the lives of so many people. 

In a video (below) that was initially shared on TikTok, a male pulls over and tells officers that he has three knives in his boot, which have been handed to him. 

Being too scared to hand in the knives themselves, the male in the video acts as a middleman between the police and local youths, helping to take the deadly weapons away from people who no longer want to carry them. 

In the video, the male tells police: ‘I’ve got three Rambo knives in my boot. I’m just asking; instead of me driving around with them, take them off of me?’

The officer then asks the male to follow him to a local police station so that officers can book the weapons straight into the station’s property store before they are destroyed. 

When they arrive at Islington Police Station, the good samaritan then empty’s the weapons onto the front counter of the police station. 

In the station, an officer asks the male: ‘so people just hand the weapons into you, do they?’ 

The male replied: ‘yeah’ to which the officer then says: ‘well, whatever you are doing, keep doing it.’ 

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