WATCH | Two Males Arrested After PCSO Attacked In Wembley

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Two males have been arrested after a PCSO was attacked on Bridge Road in Wembley. 

In the footage (scroll down), originally shared by CrimeLdn on Twitter, a group of youths can be seen pushing and shoving the PCSO.

Once the PCSO is thrown to the floor, the two youths ran away from the scene.

The incident happened yesterday (18th October). 

The PCSO was not seriously injured, and two males were arrested.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said:

“At approximately 15:50hrs on Monday, 18th October, a male PCSO on duty in Bridge Road, Wembley, was assaulted by two males.

“The PCSO was not seriously injured and is being provided with welfare support by the Met. 

“Two teenage males were subsequently arrested on suspicion of ABH.”

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  1. These thugs are disrespectful disgusting scumbags no respect for and elderly man (PCSO) no respect full stop. Obviously the softly softly policing is not working is it? Cressida Dick needs to go we want tough no. I sense police officers but mainly our pathetic justice system is an absolute joke. Bring back national service run by ex military. Spare the rod spoil the idiots !

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