WATCH | Traffic Cops Responding To Call Come Across Motorist Who Was Reversing WRONG WAY Along Motorway

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The chances are that you have probably missed your turning at some point as you drive along a busy motorway. 

When this happens, most of us have enough common sense to continue to the next exit, turn around and then head back towards the right exit. 

But for some reason, one motorist who had missed their turning decided that the best thing to do was to reverse along a slip road into oncoming motorway traffic to get back on to the motorway. 

A unit from Surrey’s Road Policing Unit just happened to be in the area at the time and spotted the perilous manoeuvre. 

The driver was reported for dangerous driving. A spokesperson for the unit tweeted to say:

‘Never ever reverse along a motorway. Ever. 

‘Whilst responding to an unrelated incident, we found this driver reversing in a live motorway lane towards oncoming traffic…because they’d taken the wrong exit. 

‘The driver has been reported for dangerous driving and reversing on a motorway. 

‘They will need to attend court in the future. 

‘In a separate but connected note, this is a perfect example of why it’s so important to look far ahead when driving…giving yourself amble time to react and stop if necessary..’

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