WATCH | Top Cop Backs His Officers After Resident Ridicules Officers For Having 8 Seconds Of Downtime

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A Met Police Borough Commander has backed his officers after a resident shared a video clip of some officers engaging in a light-hearted game of ‘rock paper scissors’. 

In the eight-second video, two officers use the game to decide who will stay on a static posting. 

The individual recording the video can be heard to say: ‘this is how police make important decisions?’. 

In a tweet, the person who uploaded the said:

‘A child was stabbed over @FieldsHighbury yesterday. 

‘Instead of @metpoliceuk breaking up the gathering they was [sic] doing this. Is this how they decide whose [sic] going to do the hard jobs?’

Borough Commander for Islington, Chief Supt Raj Kohli, responding to the tweet by saying:

‘This video took place sometime before the stabbing; they had been asked to work out who was remaining & who had to go back to the station; two of the officers filmed later chased a man with a machete, and one was assaulted managing the disorder.

‘This video is taken out of context and without full knowledge. 

‘I personally spoke to each officer today. 

‘What they dealt with that day was remarkable. 

‘I remain impressed at how our front line officers work so hard & in challenging circumstances’. 


  1. The account Mol sparks no longer exists! Guess she/he didn’t get the recognition they thought they would get! Shame – not!

  2. What a stupid thing to complain about, and attempt to relate to an unrelated event.

    The persecution of law-abiding people attempting to speak and operate lawfully in public, such as the establishment and media hate figure, Tommy Robinson, is something worth complaining about when cops unnecessarily and unreasonably raid his family home at silly o’clock in the morning, designed to intimidate and frighten his wife and young children…now that is disgusting, and well worth complaining about.

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