WATCH | ‘The Moustache Cop’ Signs Off For The Very Last Time In Emotional Video

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A popular cop on social media has shared the moment when he signed off from duty for the very last time before heading off into the sun to enjoy some well-earned retirement. 

The self-proclaimed ‘cop with a moustache’ has amassed nearly 6k followers on Twitter during his time on the thin blue line. 

In a video posted on the popular social media platform, ‘Moustache Cop’ calls up his control room to go ‘status 11’ – which means: ‘to go off duty’. 

The video has been ‘liked’ nearly 10k times and viewed almost 150k times, with hundreds of well-wishes flooding in from social media users. 

In the post, ‘Moustashche Cop’ tweeted:

‘Never thought this day would come but here’s me going “status 11” or “off duty” and yes I lost it Thanks folks xxx’

Responding to the tweet, former Cop turned TV presenter Rav Wilding tweeted: 

‘Before you feel the urge to throw constant insults and negativity at the police who are trying their best, just see what the role means to those that actually do the job. 

‘Here is one, signing off for the very last time’.

Humbled by the number of messages he had received since sharing the video, ‘Moustache Cop’ later tweeted: 

‘WOW !! Thank you all for your kind words and comments today it has been absolutely wonderful to see them but it’s gone a bit wild so I may not get back to you all but here’s a toast to you all, the future, family, friends, loved ones and of course justice Cheers and thanks’

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  1. There are so many good, hard-working cops, very few bad ones. If one employed the easy condemnation, particularly of the left’s racist, hate groups, every black man would be a street robber or drug dealer, just because black criminals are over represented in those areas of criminality. We don’t make such sweeping generalizations, so why do the black and white racists and haters on the left do so with those who endeavour to make our lives safer…the cops?

    Have a fabulous and well-earned retirement!

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