WATCH | Straight Talking Police Inspector Wins Thousands Of Fans On Social Media

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A no-nonsense, straight-talking police inspector has (almost) gone viral on social media following some tongue-in-cheek comments he made over the weekend. 

In the video, the inspector can be heard saying: 

‘Be careful, school tomorrow…careful now…homework to get done’ as he helps to bring some light-heartedness to what could have been a tense situation. 

Most of the individuals walking past him seem oblivious to what he is saying, although you can hear someone saying: ‘what?’.

The video has been ‘liked’ over 2k times, with hundreds of retweets. One social media user said: ‘More, much more of this policing please’.

Considering what the police have had to put up with recently, it is great to see that this officer still has his sense of humour. 

And at a time when most people are having a sense of humour failure, it is good to see that, occasionally, our lads and lasses in blue are still experiencing outbreaks of morale. 

And why shouldn’t they!?Β 

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