WATCH | Sickening Act Of Cowardly Violence Highlights London’s Knife Crime Epidemic

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Warning: Some readers may find the content in this article distressing. 

A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when a coward runs up to another male in Tower Hamlets, east London, before stabbing him in the back from behind and then once again on the arm. 

The shocking footage, captured on the dashcam of a passing vehicle, appears to show the victim and the suspect having a brief exchange of words before the victim carries on walking away from the suspect. 

The masked knifeman also starts to walk away but then produces a large knife from his waistband before running up behind the victim and lunging the blade into the male as his back is turned. 

After being stabbed, the victim turns around to try and defend himself from another brutal blow before running away. 

At this point, the cowardly knifeman runs after his victim. 

It would appear that the suspect runs off through a park before the victim can be seen running back down the road. 

The video uploader claims that the incident happened in Belgrave Street, E1. 

The Met Police continue to try and reverse the tidal wave of violence that has plagued the capital by the targeted increase of stop and search, against a backdrop of ‘campaign groups’ who have criticised this method of taking weapons off the streets.

Yet the truth is hard to avoid: If this male had been stopped and searched then this shocking act of violence would not have happened.

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