WATCH | Resident Pleads With Thieves As They Steal Motorbike From Garage

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Three thieves have been filmed as they stole two motorbikes from a garage in broad daylight.

As the three males wheel the bikes from where the owner had left them, a female, who is recording the theft on her mobile phone, asks them politely to stop what they are doing.

‘They are not your bikes – can you leave those bikes there please?’, the woman can be heard to say as she films the thieves in action.

The thieves pay no attention to her whatsoever as they continue to try to wheel the bikes onto to road before starting one of them, a moped, up.

A resident pleads with the thieves but her words fall on deaf ears.

The thieves start laughing as one can be heard saying ‘hurry up’.

‘It won’t start lad’ says the other thief as they struggle to start the moped.

Meanwhile, the woman filming the theft again tries to plea with the thieves: ‘boys, can you leave that bike there please’.

One thief manages to start a red bike as he encourages his fellow thieves to ‘hurry up’.

One of the wrong’uns can be seen carrying a petrol can.

As the thief on the red motorcycle leaves the scene, the thief trying to start the moped cries: ‘hey, wait’.

In a final attempt at appealing to the thieves conscience, the resident says: ‘boys, they are not your bikes. It’s not fair. You’re taking these bikes from people who need them’.

Her pleas fall on death ears as the selfish & morally defective thieves ride off with the stolen bikes.

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