WATCH | Protester Taken To The Ground After Missile Is Thrown At The Police

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A video has emerged on Twitter (scroll down for footage) showing the moment when a male gets taken to the ground by a police officer after a heavy object – thrown by a protester – narrowly misses his colleagues head.

The video starts as around a dozen police officers can be seen walking away from a shouty mob.

Officers can be heard shouting ‘get back’ as they are harassed by the members of the crowd.

As two of the officers turn back around, a coward from the crowd throws a large yellow object at the officer’s heads, narrowly missing them.

The heavy object then hits the legs of a member of a public who had been walking along with the group.

As the missile’s intended target turned around to try and spot who threw the object, another officer – who had been standing behind where the crowd were gathered – then jumped on a male who was wearing a blue top and blue jeans.

Other officers then gather around the officer as he takes the male into custody.

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