WATCH | Male ‘Threatens England Fans’ With Rambo Knife

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A video has emerged on Twitter of the moment when a male appears to ‘threaten a group of England fans’ with a Rambo knife.

The incident happened outside a parade of shops Abbey Road, NW6, as two males – one armed with the knife and another holder a chair – shout at and threaten a group of England fans.

The 14-second video starts with the two males facing off another eight males, some of whom can be seen holding chairs above their heads.

With a flag wrapped around his neck, one England fan can be seen trying to avoid eye contact with the male who is armed with the knife.

The bystander filming the incident can be heard to say, ‘welcome to Kilburn, lads’.

Just before the video ends, and as the camera pans away, a larger group of football fans can be seen walking backwards, away from the male and his accomplice.

The exact circumstances surrounding the incident are not known. The Met Police has been contacted for comment.

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