WATCH | ‘Is Crime Falling…Or Is It Just Our Officers’, WMP Twitter Guru As Cop’s Minor Fall Is Caught On Bodycam

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Despite the police seeming to be the preferred target of the mainstream media’s – and the population in general – frustration at how the world is right now, it is great to see that our brave men and women in blue still have their sense of humour.

As highlighted by a tweet shared yesterday, 16th May, by ResponseWMP that included a 7-second clip of a police officer who had a minor fall whilst doing something police-related.

In the clip, which has been viewed 3k times, an officer can be seen walking through what appears to be some wasteground (either that or someone clearly cannot be bothered to look after their property).

As the officer moves forward, he suddenly disappears from view, seeming to fall down a hole.

Amazingly, the officer’s colleague does not burst out laughing and instead helps him back to his feet whilst asking: ‘are you ok?’.

SellyoakWMP replied by tweeting: ‘The £250 from @YouveBeenFramed should buy a few cakes’.

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