WATCH | ‘Drunk Scottish Football Fan’ Walks Into Path Of Moped Rider In London

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A video has surfaced on Twitter of the moment when a ‘drunk Scottish fan’ gets hit by a slow-moving moped in London.

In the video, the ‘fan’ walks out into the middle of the road whilst leaning over to the left.

A rider on a moped then sounds his horn twice to try and alert the pedestrian to their presence as the person filming the scene laughs in the background.

However, the moped cannot stop in time and collides with the pedestrian, knocking him to the ground as the rider drops his bike.

The person filming the incident then laughs even louder as the pedestrian gets up and walks off, leaving the moped and its rider in the road.

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  1. Typical behaviour of drunken kids what about the poor biker and his moped The stupid idiot didn’t even look at him he just got up and ran towards his childish mate with the phone and laugh. I hope the rider was ok

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