WATCH | Disgraceful Scenes As Two Bystanders Film Female As She Is Mugged At Cashpoint

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A video has emerged on Twitter (scroll down) that shows a female being attacked by a male at a cashpoint, as two other males stand there with their mobile phones out, filming the incident.Β 

One pedestrian even walks straight by without paying any attention to what is happening only feet away from her.

The footage uploaded to Twitter was filmed by someone who was sat in a bus that had stopped next to where the incident was happening. 

A male on the bus can be heard saying: ‘why is no-one helping her!?’ as the victim struggles to break free from the male.Β 

Rather than help the victim, two males stand there with their mobile phones out.

Meanwhile, rather than helping the victim, the other two males stand only feet away with their mobile phones aimed at the victim. 

The footage ends as the male in the bus rallies other passengers to go outside and help the female victim. 

The Twitter account that uploaded the footage mentions that the incident happened in East Ham in Newham. 

One person tweeted:

‘Look at those big brave men holding their phones up. Bet their families will be proud that they helped out here’.

Another added: ‘It’s the generation we live in now. They would post it online and say how angry they are.’

Another summed up the feelings of many when they tweeted: ‘A shocking example of just how bad London has become. You could not pay me to live there.’ 

The Met Police have been contacted for comment. More to follow.


  1. I’m so glad I moved from Eastham 13 years ago, I saw the writing on the wall. It was getting rough then. Re the old say, about tired of London tired of life. I think it’s more like to stay a live

  2. Another πŸ’© hole are that needs napalming, fact that no 1 helped poor woman shows calibre of place!! 😑

  3. It looks like there are three men present: the black guy committing the crime (that makes a change when it comes to robbery…not!), a white guy with a bald patch, and possibly a Sikh guy. Since criminals commit crime, the worst of these three are the two cowards failing to apprehend the criminal and help the woman. Definitely not men in my eyes, just shameful cowards

  4. Probably crack heads waiting for there fix from the black geezer as heel be there dealer and the woman πŸ‘© just happened to be at the cash machine so the geezers doubling down getting more cash πŸ’΅ out the deal. What a pair of doosh bags standing and videoing a woman πŸ‘© being attacked they both must of hated there mothers sisters πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ cousins in life to do that shit. As for the attacker that scumbag needs dropping off a tall bridge or tide up floated out in a pound as that what he deserves extinction from this life. Simples

  5. Why have you asked the Met police to comment? Surely this is more about a woman being robbed/assaulted by a man whilst two other men stand by and film it.

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