WATCH | Commentator Shares First-Hand Account Of Bristol Riots

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Since the weekend, we have seen lots of footage and heard many accounts of what happened outside Bridewell Police Station in Bristol.

Twenty-two police officers were injured – two of them seriously – as the area erupted into complete carnage and chaos.

Several police vehicles were torched, meaning that the ability police in Bristol to respond to calls for help will be impacted until the vehicles can be repaired or replaced (taxpayers will, of course, have to pick up the bill).

Finding an account of what happened in the mainstream media that is free from political bias or ideological interference can be quite hard.

Most of us just want to hear the facts reported in a factual way. Something that seems to be quite rare nowadays.

So in situations such as this one – when decent-minded law-abiding people try to understand what happened and why – it is essential to listen to individuals who were there and who were just interested in reporting on the facts.

A woman urinates on a police officers boot.

When we saw the video below doing the rounds on social media, we thought we would spend ten minutes watching it as it was getting quite a lot of interactions.

It is fair to say that the account given in the video below, spoken by someone who was there to document what happened, goes some way to highlighting precisely what went down and why.


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