WATCH | ‘Car Surfer’ Regrets Climbing On Motorists Mercedes

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A video has surfaced on Twitter that shows the moment when a male is launched off the roof of a silver Mercedes after climbing on the stranger’s car.

It is believed that the incident happened in Chelsea over the weekend as a small crowd gathered to watch the ridiculous ‘stunt’.

‘Car surfing’ has been starting to trend on social media with participants picking random cars before climbing on their roofs.

In the video below, the ‘car surfer’ is launched off the vehicle as the driver accelerates away before braking again.

Twitter users were unanimous in their condemnation of the ‘car surfer’, with the vast majority of people tweeting that they felt that the ‘car surfer’ got what they deserved.

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  1. The young punk who was surfacing on the Merc I hope he ended up in hospital with at least a severe concussion. If he has not learned a lesson from that then put him in a prison cell for a week or two with one or two hardnocks to drive the lesson Home.

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