WATCH | BTP Officers Find Large Knife During Stop And Search In Train Station

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A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when British Transport Police officers pulled a large knife out of the trousers of a male who had been detained at Woolwich Arsenal Train station. 

In the video, officers can be seen talking to a male who is shouting at them. Two other males who officers had also detained can be seen close by. 

The male recording the footage can be heard talking about an incident where a young male had allegedly been robbed. 

As the officers search the male, he can be heard shouting: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’ 

After a couple of minutes, the officers pull a large sheafed knife out of the male’s trousers, as onlookers gasp in horror. 

Often, individuals who have been stopped by the police and who have got something to hide will make as much noise as possible to distract the officers during a search. 

Responding to the footage, one Twitter user said: ‘Jesus, you guys have to be careful, it’s crazy.. thanks for watching over us.’

Another added: ‘I used to get my haircuts in Woolwich and always scared when I go through there. Thank god I have one near me locally now.’

The incident comes when knife crime in the capital is at an all-time high. 

More than 28 teenagers have been murdered, a sinister figure that has not been this high since 2008.

Stop and search has proven to be an essential tool in disrupting and deterring individuals from carrying offensive weapons. 


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