WATCH | BBC Journalist Runs Towards Police Protection After Being Pursued By ‘Anti-Lockdown’ Protesters

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A video has emerged on Twitter of the moment when a journalist from the BBC is chased down by a crowd of angry ‘anti-lockdown’ protesters.

In the footage, Nick Watt is seen trying to walk away from the crowd who are shouting ‘traitor’ whilst at the same time referring to the Covid lockdown.

At one point, a barechested male, with several teeth missing, wearing a leather jacket, runs up to Mr Watt shouting: ‘traitor, traitor, traitor’.

At this point, Mr Watt turns around and runs toward a police cordon that was put in place outside Number 10.

A male wearing a blue shirt, with his fists clenched, then begins shouting in Mr Watts’ face as he ducks out of the way as the male barges him with his chest.

Chants of ‘Scum’ can be heard as the journalist runs towards a static police line consisting of public order trained officers.

The crowd chase after Mr Watt as he finally managed to get behind the police lines as a media liaison officer from the Met Police runs after Mr Watt to make sure that he is ok.

The video has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

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