WATCH | Audi S3 Hurtles Past Police On Hard Shoulder During 165 MPH Pursuit Before Finally Crashing

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Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit (RPU) have released some dashcam footage of the moment when an Audi S3 sped past officers whilst using the hard shoulder.

The incident happened on the M1 Junction 25-20 during the early hours of this morning (26th April).

RPU units from West Yorkshire Police had notified surrounding forces that the Audi S3 had already made off from them earlier in the evening.

As the Derbyshire Police unit was driving along the M1, the Audi S3 came roaring past it on the hard shoulder.

It is hard to tell what speed the Audi driver was travelling, but it must have been at least 130 mph.

RPU units pursued the vehicle into Leicestershire with support from the National Police Air Service, Northants Police and several ARV units.

The driver of the Audi soon ran out of any driving talent and ended up crashing the vehicle. Five males, all from Luton, were arrested.

Thankfully, no police officers or members of the public were hurt.

Leicestershire Police RPU reported that the Audi reached speeds of 165 mph during the pursuit.

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  1. What a bunch of reckless cretins. Let me guess, all were able to walk away unscathed? If decent, law-abiding people crash they usually get hurt, so how is it so many of those who deserve to get hurt, don’t?

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