Uninsured Driver Backs Into Police Drone Unit During Flight Operations

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An uninsured driver had a double dose of bad luck earlier today when they backed into a vehicle that just happened to be an unmarked police drone unit.

The vehicle, belonging to West Midlands Polices’ drone unit, had been left parked up as its crew undertook some proactive patrols in the skies.

But as the drone was being flown, it happened to catch the driver of a white Ford slowly back into the black pick-up truck belonging to the drone unit.

When officers went to speak to the driver of the Ford, it turned out that as well as having no insurance, the driver also had no MOT and no vehicle tax.

The vehicle was seized, and the driver was reported for the offences.

Judging by how much space there was around the WMP unit, it makes you wonder how the Ford driver managed to hit the police vehicle!?

At least the driver did not try to leg it, as a police drone is about ten times faster than the average human!

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