Two Officers Hospitalised After Head-On Collision With Fleeing Driver Who Drove Wrong Way On M1

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One of the traits of a driver who fails to stop for the police is selfishness. They do not care about you or your family as you innocently drive, walk or cycle to wherever it is you are going. 

All they care about is running away from taking responsibility for their actions. 

And now it would appear that these cowardly and reckless drivers seem to think that if they, for example, drive the wrong way along the motorway in their bid to escape, then the police will call off the pursuit. 

But that is not what happened last night on the M1 when a driver decided to drive the wrong way along the motorway in a bid to get away from the police. 

To stop the idiotic driver of the fleeing car, brave Roads Policing Officer put their vehicle in a position that meant that they had a head-on collision with the fleeing driver. 

Two officers were hospitalised due to their brave actions, but the cowardly criminal who cleared only cared about themself was taken into custody. 

A spokesperson for Road Police BCH tweeted to say:

‘Our officers put their lives on the line tonight to protect the public from the driver of this car, who tried to travel in the wrong direction on the M1 to evade capture. 

‘He was arrested for multiple offences. The officers are in hospital being checked over’.

Let’s hope that the driver who put everyone else’s life at risk gets a decent sentence in court because that is the only way to deter fleeing drivers from driving the wrong way along our motorways as they try to run from the cops. 


  1. Well done to those brave officers, putting themselves in harm’s way so that we don’t have to. Hope they’re safe and well.

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