Traffic Cops Take Two Minutes Out Of Busy Night To Rescue Hedgehog

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If you are not an animal lover, then this short article probably isn’t for you.

But as we live in a country that is supposed to be full of animal lovers, then we thought that this story might raise a few smiles.

Working on the frontline of the emergency services can be extremely hectic and stressful.

But every now and again, you might find yourself with a few minutes of spare time that can be used to save some wildlife from almost certain death.

Surrey Road Cops / Twitter

And that is precisely what a Roads Policing Unit officer from Surrey Police managed to do in the early hours of this morning in between responding to emergency calls.

When the officer spotted a hedgehog in the middle of the road, the officer picked the spiky creature up and put it back in a field rather than leaving it to get flattened.

It is also worth pointing out that quite a few accidents are caused each year when motorists swerve to avoid animals, so as well as looking out for the safety of the hedgehog, the officer was also looking out for the safety of fellow motorists.

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  1. Well done that cop! Mind you, the hedgehog was only crossing the road to visit his flat mate

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