Traffic Cops Stop Driver Who Was On His Mobile Only To Find Him Also Making A Cup Of Tea

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Roads Policing Officers (RPU) officers assigned to the North West Motorway police got more than they bargained for when they pulled over a driver who was using his mobile phone whilst driving. 

Not only was the driver on his mobile phone, but he was also in the middle of making a cup of tea. 

In a post shared on the NW Motorway Police Facebook page, a member of the RPU team posted:

‘We couldn’t believe this one! 

‘MC21 stopped a vehicle on M62 for the driver using their mobile phone whilst driving. 

‘When he stopped the car, he noticed the driver was also in the process of making a cup of tea!! 

‘Needless to say, a Traffic Offence Report was issued’. 

The post seemed to prompt several ‘confessions’ in the comments section. 

One follower commented: ‘My brother in law used to make cups of tea as he was driving his lorry, this was 30 years ago. 

‘We could tell what he was doing as he’d drive slower and then he’d throw the teabag out the window.

‘He no longer does this’.

Another added:

‘About four years ago I was travelling on the M6 as a coach passenger.

‘It was quite normal to see lorry drivers on hand held mobiles, but one appeared to have a film playing on screen on the dash, at the same time he was stirring a pan with a spoon in on some kind of heating element’.

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