Traffic Cop Highlights Scourge Of Rubberneckers After Blue-Lighting RTC Victim’s Family To Hospital

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A Sussex Police Roads Policing Officer has highlighted the ongoing problem concerning members of the public recording the aftermath of serious collisions before uploading that footage to social media.

Most motorists would at some point have driven past the scene of a serious crash.

Thankfully, the vast majority of us will not be tempted to pull out our mobiles phones and record the scenes of carnage.

But for those who do, then the temptation to upload the footage to social media is often too hard to ignore.

This often means that the family and friends of those involved could end up seeing the footage before they are even made aware of the fact that their loved one has been involved in a collision.

PC Tom Van Der Wee highlighted this recently in a tweet published on his Twitter feed that read:

‘Recently we blue lighted a family to Hospital so they could be with their parent who’d been involved in a v. serious car crash.

‘Thankfully we were able to reach them and provide the correct info and support before they saw one of the many photos/videos taken by passers by’.

So if you do happen to drive past the scene of a crash, keep your phone down and do not record what you see.

Just imagine how you would feel if the first you heard that your family member or friend had been involved in a collision was when you logged onto social media and saw the footage that a passerby had recorded.

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