Traffic Cop Chases Down Fleeing Suspect So Hard, That He Throws Up

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A traffic cop has been given a cake fine by his colleagues after he threw up after chasing down a drunk/drug driver. 

When officers indicated for a VW Golf to pull over in Bartley Green, the driver decided that he was above the law, so he floored it. 

But the fleeing driver’s motoring skills were no match for West Midlands Police’s Traffic Unit, so he was unable to lose them. 

Instead, the driver of the fleeing vehicle dumped his car and tried his chances on foot. 

Image credit: WMPTraffic / Twitter

Even though one of the officers who was chasing the suspect had just had his refs, he still managed to catch up with the suspect, who, after a struggle, was taken into custody. 

But unfortunately for the officer who caught the suspect, his dinner decided that the run was too much and exited his body via the same route that it went into his body. 

A tweet shared by the unit confirmed:

‘We pursued this VW Golf in Bartley Green until the driver decamped & was arrested after a foot chase & struggle. 

‘One of our officers was so dedicated to catching the driver on foot that his dinner made another appearance.

‘The officer has been cake fined by the shift for his actions.’

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  1. Something unappreciated by the public, is that officers can be sitting in a vehicle or office for 2 or 3 hours when the sudden need arises to chase a suspect on foot. Then they’re also encumbered by the kit that weighs them down and, in this unfortunate officer’s case, his dinner! Well done that man, they should be buying you the cake, to replace what you lost!

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