Three Burglars Caught By Roads Policing Unit After Breaking Into Fish And Chip Shops

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As hardworking business owners and their staff try to get their livelihoods back on track, the last thing they need is for feckless thieves to ruin their operations.

And that is exactly what three burglars did in north Hertfordshire last night (16th June) when they broke into two fish and chip shops to steal cooking oil.

After being alerted to the break-ins, several units from the Beds, Cambs & Herts Roads Policing Unit quickly made their way to the scene.

It was not long before the officers found the suspects vehicle that was on false plates.

Officers used an unmarked vehicle and a marked BMW X5 to box the thieves to prevent a pursuit.

The three suspects thieves were arrested, and the officers returned the stash of cooking oil to the fish and chip shops.


  1. Caught between a rock and a hard plaice, should have got their skates on, now they have had their chips, lets hope the Magistrates batter them. 🙂

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