‘This Is One Of The Most Idiotic Things We Have Seen’ – Scrap Dealer Straps Volvo To Flat-Bed Transit

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Northumbria Police has shared a picture of what it called ‘one of the most idiotic things we have seen on our roads’ after a flatbed trailer was stopped with a Volvo strapped to it. 

The vehicle was stopped yesterday morning (19th April) in North Tyneside after officers spotted the precarious load. 

The majority of the Volvo appears to be hanging over the left-hand side of the flatbed as it sits dangerously on top of shed-loads of scrap. 

In a post shared on their Facebook page, Northumbria Police said:

‘This is one of the most idiotic things we have seen on our roads… 

‘A scrap dealer has been issued with a prohibition notice after we pulled this vehicle over in North Tyneside yesterday morning.

‘He was stopped near to the Holystone roundabout with this Volvo precariously perched on top of a scrap-filled flatbed trailer.

‘We don’t need to explain why this is so dangerous, and there is no excuse for this type of behaviour.

‘The vehicle has been seized, and if we find anyone putting lives at risks in this way, then you could face being brought before a court.

One follower commented: ‘Would love to know how they got the car on the back in the first place’.

Another added: ‘Does the Volvo driver know he can’t park there?’

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