‘Taxi For One!’ Wildlife Crime Police Officer Saves Hedgehog From Busy Unlit Road

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A Wildlife Crime Officer from West Yorkshire Police has been praised on social media for helping to save a hedgehog from the traffic on a busy unlit road. 

The section of the road where the hedgehog found itself had high walls on either side, meaning that the hedgehog had no choice other than to meander past the traffic as she tried to find an escape route. 

But when PC Newsome spotted the animal, she pulled over and placed the hedgehog on the passenger seat of her police vehicle before taking it to safety. 

PC Newsome tweeted:

‘This little lad was wandering down the middle of a poorly lit road with 7ft walls either side, last night I gave him a lift to the first opening, helped him out, and off he poddled, just before 3 cars sped past!’.

Twitter users were quick to praise PC Newsome for her actions, with one person tweeting: 

‘How wonderful of you thankyou for saving his little life X.’

Wildlife Crime Officer Saves Hedgehog

Another added: ‘He had a lucky escape his Guardian Angel was watching over him last night’.

Other users also saw the funny side of the encounter, with one person tweeting: ‘I bet his dad was livid! Staying out until all hours, brought home by the police! We raised you better than this. Yer grounded’.

Another added: ‘Brilliant! However, he’s probably had to use his Satnav to get home. Let’s hope he didn’t wake the Mrs up!!’ 

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