Taxi Driver Rescued By Cops After Following Satnav Into A Canal

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It has often been said that we place too much trust in Satnav devices. And the following is a prime example of when blindly following your Satnav can get you into some trouble. 

A Road Policing Unit, attached to Greater Manchester Polices’ traffic unit, was notified by their control room of an incident involving a taxi and a canal. 

The driver of the taxi, whilst following the directions given by their Satnav, ended up leaving the road and entering the Bridgewater Canal. 

Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt in the incident, but things could have been a lot worse. 

Once on the scene, the police helped the driver to safety. 

In a tweet, GMPTraffic said:

‘This taxi driver was rescued by RPU west ‘A’ relief in Eccles after the driver followed his Satnav straight into the Bridgewater Canal.

‘Very lucky escape for the embarrassed driver’. 

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