Suspected Drug Dealer Legs It From The Cops And Hides In Police Station

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When the police are on your tail, and you are facing a long stretch inside (because of your own bad decisions), then it must be hard to think straight. 

But you would have thought that having a basic understanding of your surroundings would not be an issue. 

However, one wrong’un who tried to flee from the cops made the ultimate wrong turn when he ran into a police station as he was running from the police. 

He also decided to discard his suspected contraband all over the car park of the station. 

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said:

‘After a short pursuit earlier we were concerned when a man stopped the car he was driving and ran away from us towards the nearest building to hide…

‘Fortunately for us, the nearest building was Aylesbury police station! 

‘As an added bonus, once at the station a large number of very small items were then thrown across the car park. We briefly closed access to the station to recover all the items and will be sending them off for testing.

‘A 25-year-old man from London has been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of drugs and is currently in custody.

‘The police station is open again to the public….and to anyone else who may be looking to hide from the police’.

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