Stolen BMW I8 Recovered By Police Using TPAC (Without It Being Damaged)

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The owner of a bright yellow BMW I8 has been reunited with their pride and joy after officers from the Central Motorway Policing Group spotted the stolen vehicle as it passed through their patch.

The sports car had been stolen in Scotland and was picked up by the specialist roads policing unit as it passed through Staffordshire. 

Credit: CMPG / Twitter

Several units converged on the BMW as specially trained police pursuit drivers prepared to immediately box the car in to prevent a pursuit. 

Once the TPAC was initiated, the driver of the stolen vehicle had little option other than to stop after it was boxed in. 

A spokesperson for CMPG tweeted:

‘This lovely BMW I8 has been reported stolen from @policescotland, we were able to get it stopped as it passed through @StaffsPolice #TPAC tactics! 

‘Fantastic result for the owner as it will be returned non the worse for its adventure! 

‘B unit on nights for you this evening RK’

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