Special Constable (Who Also Happens To Be A Trauma Doctor) Save’s Males Life

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The Special Constabulary is formed of amazing men and women who dedicate their free time, with no remuneration, to helping their communities by working alongside regular, salaried officers. 

Special Constables come from various backgrounds and bring heaps of transferable skills to police forces up-and-down the country. 

This fact was highlighted recently (12th March) when a Special Constable (SC), assigned to West Midlands Polices’ Special Constabulary, was the first person on the scene to a male who had what police described as ‘critical injuries’. 

The male who needed urgent help could not have been in better hands, as the SC who arrived first on the scene also happened to be a Trauma Doctor. 

Tweeting about the incident, @SpecialsWMP said:

”First on the scene of a critical incident, this evening for @ResponseWMP where a male received serious injuries was one of our SC’s.

”A Trauma Doctor by day (and night) and fortunately one of the first on the scene, he was able to transfer his medical skills and treat an injured male quickly”.

A prime example, if ever it were needed, of just how valuable the men and women who make up the Special Constabulary are not only to their salaried colleagues but to the general public as well. 

To all of the special constables out there; we salute you!

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