Schoolboy Arrested After Being Found On School Premises With A Combat Knife

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Response Team officers from West Midlands Police have arrested a schoolboy after he was found on school premises with a hunting knife.

Officer’s have not released the school’s name, mentioning only that the school concerned was in the ‘West Bromwich’ area.

The news comes only days after school re-opened their doors following several weeks of a national lockdown.

It was just over three months ago that Unicef called on the UK to ban the use of tasers on ‘children’, despite a shocking rise in the number of under children being stabbed by other children.

In a report, Unicef UK said the government should prohibit their use on “children” under 18.

But, as this incident shows, how should a police officer be expected to deal with a teenager who, for example, is willing to use a weapon such as a hunting knife on another human being?

The sad reality is that your age does not mean that you are not a threat to anyone; As the recent headlines concerning youth-on-youth violence have shown over the last few years.

It makes you wonder how many Unicef UK officials have been called to an incident where a male or female under 18 has had to be disarmed whilst waving a hunting knife around? I’m guessing ‘zero’.

The best advice, regarding how to avoid being tasered by the police, is to comply with the lawful requests made by police officers.

Have you ever heard of a genuinely compliant person being tasered? I very much doubt it.

Featured image credit: ResponseWMP

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