Police Stop Motorist Who Tried To Fit Large Ladder In Tiny Car

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Officers attached to Plymouth’s ‘D’ Section response team pulled over a motorist earlier on in the week who was spotted driving a tiny Citreon with a large ladder inside of it. 

As the image shows, most of the ladder protruded outside of the front passenger window and the boot. 

The driver thought that putting two DPD parcel bags at either end of the ladder would be enough to warn pedestrians, cyclists and motorists of the imminent threat posed by the dangerous load. 

A member of the response team tweeted:

‘Finally, time for a rest after a very chaotic set of shifts! 

‘One from earlier in the week when this was seen heading through the city. 

‘It’s okay though, those carrier bags will keep everyone safe!’

The driver was reported for various road traffic offences and was not allowed to continue their journey with the hazard protruding from the car.

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