Police Seize Clapped Out And Neglected Mitsubishi Shogun After Driver Fails DrugWipe Test

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Officers from the North West Motorway Police have taken a ‘pile of junk’ off the road after the heavily damaged Mitsubishi Shogun was spotted in Ellesmere Port yesterday (6th December). 

The driver of the vehicle had failed a DrugsWipe test at the roadside.

In a post on their Facebook page, a spokesperson for the unit said:

Credit: Facebook / NW Motorway Police

‘This vehicle was taken off the road in Ellesmere Port yesterday by MS31 due to its dangerous condition. 

‘The driver was taken off the road for drug driving, possession of drugs, no insurance & using a [vehicle] in a dangerous condition & no MOT.’

Credit: Facebook / NW Motorway Police

As well as having no side windows, the beaten 4×4 had no lenses on its rear light clusters. 

Meanwhile, the vehicle’s front-end was heavily damaged, with its headlight lenses also being smashed. 

One social media user commented: ‘I’ve taxed worse’. 

Another added: ‘suppose you’d have to be on drugs to think you can get away with driving that’.

Meanwhile, another enquired: ‘Is this still available?’. 

Credit: Facebook / NW Motorway Police

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