Police Retrieve Inflatable Ring On Busy Road Following Floods On A12

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We know that summer is finally here because the mean temperature is now 15 degrees Celcius and it is raining quite a bit. 

If you are out-and-about driving on our traffic-infested pot-hole strewn roads, then you have probably encountered quite a bit of flood water recently.

Flooded roads are nothing new, but stumbling over floaties while driving on these flooded roads is rare. 

Image credit: eproadspolice

But that is precisely what a Roads Policing Unit (RPU) from Essex Police found over the weekend as they made their way along one of the busiest roads in Essex. 

Officers found the brown ring in lane two at the Stanway junction. 

Officers managed to retrieve the ring to prevent someone from crashing as they try to avoid the toy. 

Image credit: eproadspolice

A spokesperson for the unit tweeted:

‘Due to the recent floodings on the A12, it seems that motorists have been taking extreme measures to stay afloat. 

‘This was found to be moving slowly along in lane 2 at Stanway Junction’.

Rumour has it that the ring is now being used as a toy for the officer’s colleagues in the dog unit. However, this has not been confirmed.  

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