Police Respond To Reports Of ‘Upside Down Tortoise Causing Traffic Issues’ (It Wasn’t A Tortoise)

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Police in Atherstone & Coleshill (Warwickshire Police) thought they were being sent on an animal rescue mission yesterday morning after motorists called in to report that an ‘upside down tortoise’ was causing traffic issues on Marsh Lane, Warton Orton. 

However, when officers arrived on the scene, the ‘upside down tortoise’ turned out to be part of a vehicle’s exhaust system instead of a tortoise that could not right itself. 

Credit: facebook.com/AthColesPolice

A post shared on the Atherstone & Coleshill Police Facebook page explained:

‘Never a dull moment.

‘Control: “We have had a report of an obstruction in the road can you attend Marsh Lane, Warton Orton please as there is an upside down tortoise causing traffic issues”.

Social media users were quick to share messages highlighting the funny side of the bizarre call. 

Credit: facebook.com/AthColesPolice

One said: ‘That was a turtle disaster.. hope you told control to wind their necks in before they requested the Shellocopter.’

Another added: ‘Funny, but what a waste of police time when who ever rang in could of easily handled it themselves.’

Meanwhile, one Facebook user found the perfect pun when they said: ‘It could off been a turtle disaster.’

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