Police Issue Warning To Cyclists About Fitting 50cc Engines To Their Pedal Bikes

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Officer’s from Derbyshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit have urged cyclists to think twice before buying 50cc engines which can be fitted to pedal bikes. 

After stopping just such a bike yesterday, a spokesperson for the unit tweeted:

’50cc engine added to a pedal cycle. 

‘Despite these kits being freely available on the internet, they are not road legal. 

Image credit: Derbyshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit

‘Please consider this prior to purchase as riders are liable to prosecution. #Traffic #Strange’.

The conversion kits are available on Amazon starting from £110.

One retailer describes the kit as a: ’50cc petrol gas engine kit used to upgrade the regular bike to a motorised bicycle. 

‘After converting your bike, you can enjoy riding at a faster speed, which can reach 30km/h’.

Most pedal bikes fitted with a motor, typically an electric one, are limited to around 15 mph. 

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  1. How dumb have you got to be, fitting something like this to an ordinary bicycle? It instantly becomes a motor vehicle, therefore requiring a helmet, licence, insurance, mot, and tax, in addition to which you’re expecting it to perform beyond its design capabilities, eg inadequate braking system for higher speeds.

    I’m pretty sure it will also require protection around the engine to prevent burnt legs, and permanent lights and indicators. Other than that, what on earth is the fuss about!

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