Police Horses Involved In ‘Short Chase’ With Dodgy Vehicle

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You might think that only the Roads Policing Unit of most forces gets involved with pursuing vehicles that fail to stop for the police.

This might be true for most pursuits, but Police Horses ‘Usain’ and ‘Oxford’, from the Met’s Mounted Branch, managed to get in on the action whilst they were patrolling the Hammersmith and Fulham are yesterday, 11th March.

Police Horses ‘Usain’ and ‘Oxford’ | MetTaskForce / Twitter

A male was stopped after officers could smell the pungent aroma of cannabis coming from his vehicle.

Perhaps thinking that he could quickly get away from the officers, the car driver decided to take his chances and punted it away from the officers (and their horses).

But PH’s Oxford and Usain were not having any of it and gave chase.

By the time the horses (and their riders) had caught up with the vehicle, the driver had decamped and made a run for it.

When officers carried out some inquiries on the vehicle, it turned out to be stolen, so it was recovered and will hopefully give up the suspected thief’s identity.

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