Police Helicopter Crew Endures ‘Prolonged & Targeted’ Laser Attack Whilst Looking For Missing Person

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The lives of a National Police Air Service crew were put at risk yesterday (3rd March), after a moron decided to target the police helicopter with a laser pen. 

A laser pen that is shone into the eyes of a pilot could disorientate them enough to put their aircraft at serious risk. 

The crew aboard the helicopter were searching for a missing person when they were targeted. 

Thankfully, no aircrew was injured and – as is often the case in this sort of incident – the individual who police believe was behind the attack was arrested. 

A spokesperson for NPAS (London) tweeted:

‘Crew suffered a prolonged & targeted laser attack yesterday whilst dealing with an incident. 

‘Offender identified & dealt with using specific legislation for this offence. 

‘It will not be tolerated by us or the courts. 

‘Shine a laser at us or ANY aircraft & we will come after you!’

Responding to the tweet, one social media user said:

‘Prison for endangering an aircraft. We should bring hard Labour into custodial sentences.’

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