Police Find Sheep In Back Of Vehicle That Ran A Red Light

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Officers from Leicestershire Police have shared some pictures from the odd moment when they found a sheep in the back of a car that had run through a red light. 

Officers said they found the ewe in the back of a Peugeot on Loughborough High Street last Friday. 

The animal was in good health and was found stood up in the boot of the car. The driver claimed that he had bought the ewe legitimately.

A post shared on Leicestershire & Rutland Rural Crime Facebook page said:


‘This ewe was found in the rear of a Peugeot by Colleagues In Loughborough.

‘The vehicle ran a red light and so drew officers attention to it.

‘The car was seized as it had no MOT or insurance, and the ewe has been safely recovered and is in good health. The driver and passenger will be spoken to in the near future in a police interview.

‘Enquiries are ongoing to locate the owner to identify where it’s come from, despite an account from those involved claiming it was legitimately purchased.


‘Until such time as an owner is identified – we cannot ‘charge’ the suspects with an offence – despite a lot of comments suggesting that we do so. 

‘We know this is an emotive subject, and it’s one that we will be properly addressed as the investigation unfolds.

‘We will be speaking to DEFRA next week using the ear tag numbers.

‘If you think she belongs to you – please get in touch quoting incident of today.

‘You’ll need to prove ownership with relevant numbers’.

The post sparked a lively debate in the comments with nearly 2k comments regarding the theft of livestock and animal welfare. 

One follower commented:

‘You can only purchase and move sheep with a proper movements form from Defra and move from and to a holding with a proper livestock holding number where the number can be traced. 

‘The yellow tag is electronic (usually left ear). It can be read with a chip reader; this gives the original flock number of birth. 

‘Surely if no movement form or holding number then they are breaking the law. 

‘This is also not taking into account appropriate livestock carriage ! Animal welfare Act 2006’.

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  1. Well done catching these scum…like a farmer’s job isn’t already hard enough in many cases. The best kind of criminal is the one that’s too thick to realise that by adhering to simple rules of the road, he’d be less likely to be stopped.

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