Police Find £220k Stashed In Boot Of Car During Vehicle Stop

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A Mercedes E Class driver will now have to try and account for why they have £220,000 in their car after officers stopped their vehicle yesterday (2nd June) evening in Northants. 

The incident happened at around 2030 hours after officers pulled the vehicle over without realising that the large stash of cash was in the boot. 

Bundles of cash had been tucked away before officers retrieved the money and seized it as evidence. 

A member of the Northants ARV tweeted:

‘It’s been a lovely day today & the driver of this car thought it was a good day for a drive. 

‘He took approx £220,000 in cash out for spin with him. Probably safer than leaving it at home in this heat. ARVs and @northantsdogs

 stopped him & enquiries ongoing to determine its origin’.

If the driver cannot legitimately account for the cash, then it could be seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act, with a proportion of it going to the Home Office before the rest is pumped back into frontline policing. 

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