Police Drone Unit Sports Brand New Volvo XC90 Paid For By Money Seized From Criminals

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West Midlands Police’s Drone Unit has taken delivery of a brand new Volvo XC90, paid for by money seized from criminals, thanks to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Police drone units are deployed in various situations, including searches for high-risk missing people, warrants, crime scenes and significant public order events.

The drones provide an invaluable and incredibly cost-effective ‘eye in the sky’ perspective of often fast-moving situations.

Images from drones can be live-streamed to police control rooms during an incident.

As well as having infrared capabilities (which allow the cameras onboard the drones to capture images at night), the unmanned aerial vehicles also have extended battery life and a host of other features specific to law enforcement requirements.

Drones have also been used by HM Coastguard and fire and rescue services around the country.

The Volvo XC90 acquired by West Midlands Police will allow officers to quickly deploy to incidents where officers on the ground will benefit from an aerial asset.

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