Police Dog Unit Catches Dog Thief And Reunited Stolen Dog With Owner

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Some good news from Essex Police after it emerged that a dog unit caught a dog thief red-handed.

Nobody likes a dog thief.

And who better to catch one, than a police dog unit.

Essex Police dog unit callsign ‘QZ4’ had been alerted that a vehicle had been spotted in Chelmsford connected to a spate of dog thefts.

It did not take long for the officer and their trusty steed to locate the vehicle concerned. Unfortunately, by the time officers found it, the car had been abandoned.

After a quick search, the driver of the car was located, along with the stolen dog.

The thief, who was also disqualified from driving, denied being in the car, but he was arrested at the scene, and the stolen dog was reunited with its thankful owner.


  1. brilliant lets hope the thief is caged long enough to remember why hes in there feed him dof food as well so he well and truly gets the message

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