Police Dog ‘Trigger’ Tracks Down Domestic Assault Suspect

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When a domestic abuse victim in Braintree, Essex, called for help, one of the many police units to respond was Police Dog ‘Trigger’ and his handler.

After committing a ‘serious assault’ on his victim, the cowardly suspect left the scene and made a run for it in an attempt to avoid the consequences of his actions.

But shortly after arriving on the scene, PD ‘Trigger’ quickly picked up the scent of the violent suspect who had, by now, had a head start on the pair.

Trigger took his handler through brambles, ditches, and electric fences as he hunted down the fleeing abuser.

It was not long before Trigger’s four legs caught up with the suspect, who was cowering in a ditch. Police took him into custody without further incident.

Image credit: EPDogSection

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