Police Dog Snapped By Wildlife Photographer Chowing Down On Badger Food During Search For Suspect

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Chasing after wrong’uns and tracking high-risk vulnerable missing persons can be hard work. 

And whilst police dogs are well fed and extremely well looked after, they are entitled to some light refreshments while on the job. 

Recently, a police dog from West Midlands Police and his handler were tasked to look for a suspect. 

During the search, the police dog stumbled over some food left out for the local badgers and foxes. 

The animal lover who left the food out, Mike Harradance, also set a night-vision camera up to capture the badgers and foxes enjoying their meal. 

But when Mike checked the previous night’s footage, he noticed that a police dog had instead taken the opportunity to have some quick refs

SolihullLive¬†tweeted the image of the police dog to WMPdogs and said: ‘we have a crime to report. Theft of badger food.

A spokesperson for WMPDogs tweeted back:

‘We’ve launched a serious internal investigation to identify the suspect in the case of the stolen badger food…… #wevegotoursuspects #badgerfoodgate’.

Featured image credit: Mike Harradance

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