Police Dog Praised For Finding Care Homes ‘Master Circuit Breaker’ After Residents Left In The Cold & Darkness Owing To Vandals

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A police dog has been praised after finding a stolen circuit breaker taken from a care home by some youths.

Police dog ‘Olly’ and handler – attached to Mersey Police Dogs – were brought in after staff at the care home reported that some youths had targeted them.

The vulnerable residents inside the home were left with no electricity after the youths removed a master circuit breaker from the property.

Within minutes, PD Olly and his handler were on the scene.

PD Olly quickly picked up the scent and found the breaker after the youths had thrown it into a nearby yard.

Thanks to the efforts of the dog unit, the residents were once again safe and warm.

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  1. What a pity this beautiful dog didn’t get to sink his teeth into any of the scum who think cruelty towards the elderly is acceptable.

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