Police Dog Locates Two Vulnerable Missing Persons In Dense Undergrowth

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Police dogs don’t just track down criminals and help keep their human colleagues safe at riots.

They also save peoples lives by finding high-risk missing people (MISPERs).

This fact was highlighted recently when PD ‘Toro’ and handler (CHNW Police Dogs) were tasked by their control room to find two high-risk missing people.

The two MISPERs were last seen in Sandbach, and it was now the early hours of the morning after they had vanished.

When PD Toro and handler arrived on the scene, the general-purpose police dog quickly picked up the scent of the missing duo.


The track led the officer and his four-legged companion into dense woodland (remember, it was still the middle of the night).

After a short period of time, PD Toro found the missing pair in thick undergrowth.

Due to the sensitive nature of the call, no further information is available.

But this incident does highlight the life-saving role that police dogs have in the emergency services.

Featured image credit: chnwpolicedogs

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