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Police Dog Hunts Down Catalytic Converter Thief

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Imagine returning to your car after a hard day of work, only to find that some cretin has stolen your catalytic converter, meaning that not only can you not use your vehicle, but you are now going to have to spend 100’s of pounds on your insurance excess.

Catalytic converter thieves are the scourge of every motorist.

They steal the vital component and then sell the precious metals contained within them to scrap metal dealers.

Police Dog ‘Buddy’ – Image credit: EPDogSection / Twitter

But one such thief in Essex found out for himself why police dogs are such a valuable companion for police officers in the fight against crime.

When officers approached a suspected thief in Harlow, he ran away from them. Despite their best efforts, they could not find the morally corrupt thief.

And that’s when PD ‘Buddy’ was called in.

It did not take Buddy long to sniff out the stench of the thief, who was found hiding deep in some undergrowth.

The suspected thief was taken into custody without further incident, thanks to PD ‘Buddy’ and his handler.

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  1. It is very strange to write the words “the morally corrupt thief”…of course he’s morally corrupt, he’s a thief!

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